Business planning and consolidation definition dictionary

Unit loads are usually assembled into higher standardized units such as: Reverse logistics denotes all those operations related to the reuse of products and materials. Regarding a single warehouse, besides the issue of designing and building the warehouse, configuration means solving a number of interrelated technical-economic problems: The industry is in a mature stage with few or no growth prospects and the firm is currently in a comfortable position in the industry Rationale for Using Stability Strategy There are a number of circumstances in which the most appropriate growth stance for a company is stability rather than growth.

Transfer of Land - A document registered in the Land Titles Office which recognises and acknowledges change of property ownership.

Agent's Commission - This fee usually a percentage of the sale price is payable to a real estate agent for selling a house.

In the context of relational database systems, unstructured data cannot be stored in predictably ordered columns and rows. One can either work in a pure logistics company, such as a shipping line, airportor freight forwarderor within the logistics department of a company.

Free Webinar Register Today! Logisticians combine a professional knowledge of each of these functions to coordinate resources in an organization.

This alternative may be appropriate in two situations: This means that buyers of goods in this case, landed property are responsible to examine the goods the property being purchased closely or read the fine print to the contract carefully before completing the purchase.

A number of tactical decisions regarding picking must be made: In this case the unit load has protective function. Shingles - Thin pieces of wood or other material set in overlapping rows to form a roof or wall cladding.

In all these approaches, the fundamental course of action remains the same, but the circumstances in which the firms choose various options differ. Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway Inc. Drawdown - The disbursement of loan funds provided by the Bank.

Casement window - A window with sashes that open out vertically. The problem of outsourcing typically arises at this level: To sustain the cost leadership throughout, the firm must be clear about its accomplishment through different elements of the value chain.

I - Measures the national inflation rate. Superannuation savings are usually made through trust funds and if these funds meet prescribed government standards they are eligible for tax concessions. Inventory - A listing of items that could be included with a property, e.

In a data warehouse, data from many heterogeneous sources is extracted into a single area, transformed according to the decision support system needs and stored into the warehouse.

Unit Trust - A unit trust is an investment which operates under the unit principle enabling investors to share in a pool of professionally managed investments.


Supply chain management in military logistics often deals with a number of variables in predicting cost, deterioration, consumptionand future demand.

On the other hand, partners can "access intangible resources, which are not directly exploitable". A new trend in the industry are the 4PL, or fourth-party logistics, firms, consulting companies offering logistics services.

A combination of the logical deployment template and the network topology template that describes the deployment of application modules on servers and clusters. By recording and analyzing these trends over time and applying them to future scenarios, the US Armed Forces can accurately supply troops with the items necessary at the precise moment they are needed.

The Comparison Rate does not include government and statutory fees, since these are standard across all loans regardless of the lender.

Lease - An agreement between two parties under which one is granted the right to use the property of the other for a specified period of time in return for a series of payment by the user to the owner.

A category of hospital software. Two technologies designed for generating metadata about content are automatic categorization and information extraction. Consolidation is typically seen as a more meaningful method of accounting than providing separate financials for a parent company and each of its subsidiaries.

Metadata can include information such as author and time of creation, and this can be stored in a relational database. In this example extending common transportation networks, their warehouse infrastructure and the ability to provide more complex service packages can be achieved by combining resources.

A cost leadership strategy may have the disadvantage of lower customer loyalty, as price-sensitive customers will switch once a lower-priced substitute is available. However, as mentioned above, logistics is a broad field, encompassing procurement, production, distribution, and disposal activities.

For example, a local restaurant in a low rent location can attract price-sensitive customers if it offers a limited menu, rapid table turnover and employs staff on minimum wage. Promotional strategy often involves trying to make a virtue out of low cost product features.

Debentures are issued to the general public through a prospectus and are secured by a trust deed which spells out the terms and conditions of fund-raising and the rights of debenture holders. Chattels - Chattels are personal property. For example, if a company with its own warehousing facilities decides to employ external transportation, this would be an example of third-party logistics.ALM: Application Life Cycle Management.

Asset Lifecycle Management.

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Asynchronous Line Multiplexer. the facility for common process workflow and consolidation of planning, management, measurement and reporting of work item activities in the development process.

BibMe Free Bibliography & Citation Maker - MLA, APA, Chicago, Harvard. What is SAP Business Planning and Consolidation? SAP BPC is a component of SAP EPM portfolio, an application dedicated to financial processes on a unified platform.

Owned by the business and designed for the end user, it is the target environment to support planning, consolidation and financial reporting. When chatbots are a very bad idea.

Not every business problem can be solved by using chatbots. Here are some inappropriate uses for the AI tool. A subsidiary is an independent company that is more than 50% owned by another company, usually referred to as the parent company or holding company.

Logistics is generally the detailed organization and implementation of a complex operation. In a general business sense, logistics is the management of the flow of things between the point of origin and the point of consumption in order to meet requirements of customers or corporations.

The resources managed in logistics can include physical items such as food, materials, animals, equipment.

Business planning and consolidation definition dictionary
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