Aimee mann tour dates 2014

Inhe launched the Thing-A-Week Project, sparking a burst of productivity that turned him into a cult figure—online-famous, Version 1.

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The crowd was very laid back. I also didn't know all that much of Richard Thompson before seeing him there in mid-June. So if they thought that my songs were very down-tempo, very depressing, very sad, and very acoustic, I thought I'd just give myself permission to write the saddest, slowest, most acoustic, if-they're-all-waltzes-so-be-it record I could The album was released on March 31, ; with Mann releasing the album independently with distribution, marketing, and promotion through Membran Entertainment Group.

Aimee Mann Announces New Album “Mental Illness”

I read Wired Magazine. Also, the venue was beautiful and kinda small, which only added to the experience. An endearingly cantankerous fellow, Gough has been known to shuffle off stage mid set due to finding himself becoming bored, spend more time talking to the crowd than actually playing songs, and, when the fancy takes him, provide his audience with painfully accurate cover versions of Bruce Springsteen songs rather than any of his own hits.

Everyone was having a drink or two and just enjoying the atmosphere of the show. On the strength of these performances and demos, Radley secured Day a showcase at the annual National Association for Campus Activities Convention, where he played for 1, college talent buyers. We even got to hear some new songs from an unreleased album.

Shortly after its release, Mann said that she was much more pleased with it than the band's debut album, primarily because she felt it made more of a personal statement about her life. Aimee Mann stopped by Ted Leos hotel room one day during their tour together last fall. Lately, I've been having some discussion about how I do, or perhaps should, determine ratings on my scale.

They interacted with Jonathan when prompted.

Aimee Mann

The accepted norm when it comes to music is that if you want to do it yourself, you start the band first, before you start the label. The overall gist, which I agree with, is that despite being completed more than 4 years late, with accompanying cost overruns, the park instantly became--and certainly remains--one of Chicago's crown jewels, with its architecture, sculpture, greenery, communal spaces and entertainment programming making a great city even greater.

Early years[ edit ] Born in BangorMaine and raised in BrewerHowie Day began to play music at age five when his mother bought a piano at an auction. Day made his first stage appearance in August at Bangor restaurant Captain Nick's.

A lot of those songs were also about zombies and giant squids, a nerdy streak that might, in less-skilled hands, have felt gimmicky. Leo and Mann allow each other room to stretch as artists.Howard Kern "Howie" Day (born January 15, ) is an American singer-songwriter.

Beginning his career as a solo artist in the late s, Day became known for his extensive touring and in-concert use of samplers and effects pedals in order to accompany himself. [1]. Aimee Mann will release her new album, Mental Illness, on March 31st.

You can stream the first single "Goose Snow Cone" on her website. Track Listing Goose. The Official Website of The Both (Aimee Mann + Ted Leo): New Album out NOW!

Westchester’s Holiday Happenings, Dates, And Events The performance doubles as a house tour, as the tale of Ebenezer Scrooge et al. unfolds throughout the different rooms in the Gothic Revival mansion.

The Return of the Aimee Mann Christmas Show. December Tarrytown Music Hall, Tarrytown () ; List of all Jonathan Coulton tickets and tour dates for This event has been added to your Plans.

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Close. Jonathan Coulton with Aimee Mann White Eagle Hall, Jersey City, NJ, US Most played: New York (21). Jul 01,  · Steady banter between Mann and Leo added to the fun of the evening, with the South Bend-born, Notre Dame grad Leo citing that it was "cooler by the lake" seemingly befuddling the Boston-bred Mann, and making for several subsequent "it's ____ by the lake" references.

Aimee mann tour dates 2014
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